Will SolaRoad break due to tree roots that may grow under the road?

The current version of SolaRoad has been tested in the laboratory on structural strength. A specific ‘tree root test’ was not possible, but the concrete elements are designed and produced in such a way that they will not break very easily. To prevent height differences at the transitions of the elements, we pay special attention […]

How strong is the glass?

We use tempered glass that is particularly strong and that is mounted in a concrete housing. The strength of the glass in the housing is being mechanically tested in different ways. For example, extreme traffic loads are simulated in a bench press, pressing different tyre types on the surface with great force. Also, we drop […]

Will SolaRoad be applied in highways as well? What should be done in order to do this?

The next steps in the development and scaling up of SolaRoad will be (pilot) applications provided in smaller motorways (for example municipal roads) and in specific applications such as bus lines. Whether application onto highways will be possible in the future, cannot be assessed yet. For the potential of SolaRoad, application in highways is not […]

How will the generated energy be used?

During the pilot, the generated electrical energy will be supplied to the electricity grid, just like most solar panels on rooftops. It is expected that the pilot cycle path of approximately 100 m will generate as much electricity as is used by 2-3 average households annually. When SolaRoad is going to be applied extensively, straightforward […]