What makes SolaRoad different from newer initiatives?

Since 2014, SolaRoad has been gathering experience with solar panels on the public bike path in Krommenie. Much has been learned and that expertise is incorporated in an update of the product, which lies on the road since October 2016. SolaRoad therefore has a track record. The new initiatives are still at the beginning of […]

Why isn’t SolaRoad applied over the full width of the bicycle road?

We aim at maximum efficiency in the process of learning and improving, using a combination of (lab) experiments, pilot testing and further development. This helps us to make the time to market as short as possible. In June we made the final decisions on the pilot-design. At that stage, we chose to use apply SolaRoad […]

Why has the location in Krommenie been chosen?

The pilot location in Krommenie meets several important criteria. It is a separate cycle path with free space on both sides. This is important in order to be able to make measurements next to and around the cycle path easily and to make any possible adjustments or improvements. In addition, the cycle path is located […]

Why is the pilot a cycle path (and not a highway)?

A cycle path is more practical as a pilot site (than for example a highway) for various reasons. A cycle path is less heavily loaded, because the means of transport that use it are lighter. It is also easier on a cycle path to make any possible adjustments and to implement improvements. This way, we […]

Why would you include solar cells in the road and not next to it or on rooftops?

It is not either-or, but both-and. The total electricity consumption in the Netherlands lays around 110,000 GWh and increases annually by about 3% (according to CBS Netherlands). This means that if all suitable roofs in the Netherlands would be equipped with solar panels, they could only supply approximately 25% of the Dutch electricity demand. In […]

Is it possible to cycle on glass?

The SolaRoad cycle path will be safe, comfortable and sustainable. We realize this with several technical solutions: Skid resistant road surface The surface of the SolaRoad cycle path consists of a layer safety glass with a skid resistant coating on it. The coating ensures that the road users have sufficient grip and are able to […]

What is a solar cycle path?

A solar cycle path is an application of SolaRoad in a cycle path. In other words, it is a cycle path that absorbs solar energy and converts it into electrical energy.

Who is developing SolaRoad?

The idea for SolaRoad was born at TNO. The Province of Noord-Holland, Ooms Civiel and Imtech have joined to develop SolaRoad. Together they form a consortium.

What is SolaRoad?

SolaRoad is a new concept for the generation of sustainable energy. Here, the road surface also acts as a solar panel. The generated electrical energy can be used for various applications, such as road lighting and traffic systems. Households may benefit from it as well. In time, electric cars might possibly be able to make […]