The SolaRoad cycle path will be safe, comfortable and sustainable. We realize this with several technical solutions:

Skid resistant road surface

The surface of the SolaRoad cycle path consists of a layer safety glass with a skid resistant coating on it. The coating ensures that the road users have sufficient grip and are able to safely drive and walk on it. In the laboratory the skid resistance of the road surface is being tested. The skid resistance may not be lower than that of a normal cycle path, not even in the long run.

Strong road surface

Special attention is paid to the strength of the road surface. The tempered glass in the top layer and the solar cells underneath are applied in such a way that they can withstand everyday use. Not only cyclists must be able to ride on it, but for example service vehicles as well. In addition, shock loads of falling objects should be taken into account. Influences from the environment (heat, cold, salt, …) must not cause any problems. These aspects are being examined in the laboratory using various mechanical and thermal tests.

Comfortable road surface

SolaRoad consists of prefabricated elements, which are placed end to end to form a cycle path. In order to achieve a good riding comfort for the cyclists, the elements are interconnected to one another. This link ensures that no height differences can arise at the transitions between the elements. The road construction is designed to avoid damage from in the soil underneath, or from expansion and contraction due to temperature changes.