We aim at maximum efficiency in the process of learning and improving, using a combination of (lab) experiments, pilot testing and further development. This helps us to make the time to market as short as possible. In June we made the final decisions on the pilot-design. At that stage, we chose to use apply SolaRoad on only one lane of the bicycle road in Krommenie. This allows us to execute the planned research and monitoring programme in full, while saving costs in the pilot. The extra money can be deployed for further development.

Moreover, the other lane on the bicycle road will be used for specific R&D to improve the transparent top layer. In a number of test sections in this lane, dedicated measurements will be carried out to evaluate various solutions for the top layer e.g. on pollution and wear. Loads and exposure are almost identical to the adjacent SolaRoad-lane. The test sections can easily be replaced, to support accelerated optimization of the top layer.