SolaRoad spreads its international wings

Haarlem, July 3, 2017 International interest in SolaRoad is growing. We are in advanced talks with the US State of California and its road authority while the SolaRoad Kit that is being applied in Groningen has attracted interest in France. “Climate is big business”. The Dutch government and the State of California could not be more […]

December: introducing the SolaRoad Kit and congratulations to Wattway

22 December 2016 SolaRoad congratulates Wattway with the opening of 1 km ‘route solaire’ in Normandy, France. We are pleased to see that what SolaRoad started in 2009, and launched as world’s first solar panel road in 2014, now has worldwide following. There is an emerging market for solar roads that is now being developed by more […]