The SolaRoad team is working on many new plans and developments for 2017 and beyond. But today we look back on some special events in the year 2016:

– On the 29 of March 2016, the Californian highways agency, Caltrans and the province of North Holland, signed a declaration of intent to look at sustainable options for capturing solar energy in transportation infrastructure. The proposed location is in Lebec, Kern County.
– The SolaRoad bike path in Krommenie was extended by 20 meter. The added elements are improved versions of the elements that were installed in 2014. The extension is part of the three-year SolaRoad pilot project, and will generate new test results.
– SolaRoad won the Vivaio Award ‘the for best visionary project of the year in Europe’
– A nice video about SolaRoad by BBC Horizons was broadcasted on October 30, 2016
– David Wolfe, an online publicist, made a video about the 7 reasons why the Netherlands are a great country to live in. SolaRoad was mentioned as one of those reasons. The video reached millions of viewers.
– To meet the demand from home and abroad, the SolaRoad Kit was introduced: four elements SolaRoad with an area of 10m² and therefore easily procured and extended by governments and companies. The province of Groningen will be the first to apply a SolaRoad Kit. It will be connected to a ‘smart bench’ that enables charging smartphones and e-bikes. The SolaRoad Kit and bench will be placed in April 2017.


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