22 December 2016
SolaRoad congratulates Wattway with the opening of 1 km ‘route solaire’ in Normandy, France. We are pleased to see that what SolaRoad started in 2009, and launched as world’s first solar panel road in 2014, now has worldwide following. There is an emerging market for solar roads that is now being developed by more players.

19 December, 2016
SolaRoad as the Dutch solar bike path is known worldwide. In 2014 this innovation was launched as a pilot in Krommenie. Since then SolaRoad has been extensively tested and improved. To meet the demand from home and abroad, a SolaRoad Kit has been assembled: Four elements SolaRoad with an area of 10m² that are easily procured and extended by governments and companies. The province of Groningen is the first customer of this innovation and they will start using it in a multifunctional bench with charging points for electric bicycles, a mobile phone or a tablet. The name of this application is STOPcontact. Around April 2017, the province will place the bench in Blauwestad, a wetland nature and residential area east of the city of Groningen.

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