At SolaRoad we are committed to accelerate the transition to a clean and beautiful world within one generation. We do that by making renewable energy production invisible, seamlessly integrated in the world we live in. Our products are road pavements that also work as solar panels.

Pavement that converts sunlight into electricity

SolaRoad pavement headed
for large-scale application

On 7 March, a total of 150 metres of SolaRoad pavement will be put into use on two locations in the provinces of Noord-Holland and Zuid-Holland. With these two road sections, SolaRoad takes an important step towards large-scale application of this innovative product, in which solar panels have been integrated into the road surface and sunlight is converted into electricity on a large scale. Both provinces will use this project to gain experience in the management and maintenance of solar road surfaces. This is the first time that energy is generated from the road network of the Netherlands on such a scale.

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