• SolaRoad

    The road that converts sunlight into electricity

About SolaRoad

Wouldn’t it be nice if our roads act like solar panels? And if we could drive our vehicles with the solar power generated by this? In 2009, these questions formed the beginning of a vision for the future: the large-scale generation of renewable energy with the sunlight that falls on 450 km2 road surface every day. In 2009, TNO was present on the innovation-estafette with an open invitation: ‘Dream it and join in’.

The Province of Noord-Holland, road construction company Ooms Civiel and technical service provider Dynniq accepted the invitation and now form – together with TNO – the core consortium that is developing SolaRoad: the first road surface that absorbs sunlight and converts it into electricity. The ultimate goal is the realization of the dream that large parts of the road surface in the Netherlands will act as a large solar panel. The generated electricity can be used for street lighting, traffic systems, households and electric vehicles.


The consortium

What is special about SolaRoad is that it is being developed by a ‘golden triangle’. Industry, research institutions and government are collectively creating innovation: TNO, the…

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The idea behind SolaRoad is simple: sunlight falling on the road surface is absorbed by solar cells and converted into electricity – the road surface acts…

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